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Thoughts About the Gospel

As I am sitting here sipping a cup of coffee, my mind is washing over the current health situation we face as a world. It is truly amazing to see the spread of an infectious disease. The way in which it has rapidly made its way around the globe is amazing. As I think about the instructions we are hearing concerning how to slow the spread, it has turned my mind to the gospel. In regards to this health crisis, we are told to practice “social distancing” so that the spread will slow down and will not be as widespread. Intuitively we know that isolation is effective. We have to be together in order for the virus to spread. I wonder, is the spread of the gospel so slow in our country because Christians have “self-quarantined” themselves from the world? I’m not talking about the current coronavirus situation, but just of life in general. The gospel message is something that spreads like a virus. We need to be in contact with others. Often, the church stays huddled in their “safe zone” with only Christian friends hanging out in Christian environments. We must be with people far from God in order to share the message of hope we have been given. People are less likely to walk into our churches, so we must get out and meet them where they are. When it comes to the gospel, Christ followers have no right to practice “social distancing.” You do that when you are trying to stop the spread of something not increase the spread.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t practice these safety techniques and be wise during the spread of the coronavirus. By all means we must be prudent and wise. Wash your hands, stay inside and let’s try to get on top of this current crisis. However, this too shall pass. But when it comes to the gospel, we must practice “social connectedness.” Just as a virus will spread rapidly as people come close, so will the message of the love and hope we have through Christ. The “virus” Christ followers possess is actually the “cure” for all of humanity. Let that go viral!

Posted by Joel Stark